Coronavirus and the global events industry

Coronavirus and the global events industry

The cost across society of Coronavirus is mounting and it remains unclear how and when restrictions will be lifted, and what state our economies will be in as we exit.

This leaves the event organiser community wondering what the future has in store; what this means for their events, and what decisions they will need to make.

To help tackle these questions, IM2’s Simon Berger, Fusion’s Phil Redwood and I are collaborating to create a whitepaper for the industry, and we would like your support.

If you hold a leadership role at a B2B or B2C exhibition or conference organiser, we would like to speak to you during April and, in confidence, understand your views on the challenges you are facing, what your blind-spots are, and how you feel the industry will need to respond.

We will be looking at it through 3 lenses:

  • The Landscape, for travel and trade
  • The Customer – their challenges, opportunities and needs
  • The Product itself – its purpose, format, duration and more…

We will share our findings with the whole market, but we will make deeper analysis and follow up calls available to those who contribute.

Full details of the project are in the document below, including how to contact us – but you can of course contact me here if that is easiest.

So again, if you are a B2B or B2C exhibition or conference organiser we would like to hear your views, in confidence, so that we can all work our way through and out of this.

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