How event organisers can create a more valuable relationship with their audience

How event organisers can create a more valuable relationship with their audience

With live events still on hold, I have been working with some of my strategic partners to create roadmaps about how organisers can best respond.

Our headline research found that there were 5 key capabilities that organisers would need in order to survive and then thrive through this crisis,

  • Financial resilience
  • Market insights and analysis
  • Safe and compelling events
  • Digital Imperative
  • Skills & Talent

Today we launch a deeper dive into Market insights and analysis strategies with event marketing guru Dave Langrish.

We have set out how organisers can break out of their event cycle to expand product offerings, reinvent how they meet customer needs and build new revenue opportunities through highly sought after digital offerings. 

The report lays out systematic a process that any organiser can use to map out their approach, and is available to download here:

Our goal in creating these guides is to offer a systematic approach that any
organiser can use to assess what the challenges and opportunities mean to their business.

Doing so objectively, and implementing changes amongst today’s myriad business pressures can be challenging, and Inflection Point and its strategic partners are on hand to help you thrive not only through this time, but also to achieve your broader commercial goals.

To discuss your business needs and how we can support you please
contact us here.

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