In Print: Demonstrating Event ROI

In Print: Demonstrating Event ROI

The good people at Conference News hosted a great roundtable discussion to examine how the events industry does at helping its customers know they’re getting strong ROI when working with us.

The short answer is that on the whole we’re not great at it…

This is a real problem – Not only should we care enough to help them achieve it at all, and also work with them to try and grow it each year, but the support they are getting from many of the other forms of media they work with (PPC, SEO, AdWords, Digital Advertising) puts us to shame.

It’s something we can, and should commit to tackling. I believe it needs to be led by organisers, but it they will need support from venues and suppliers too.

The roundtable write up is here, and the link to the whole issue is here.

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