In Person: Workshop Host at EventLAB 2019

In Person: Workshop Host at EventLAB 2019

I had the pleasure of speaking at a new event to me: EventLAB 2019 which was held at the Business Design Centre in October 2019.

The content team asked me to host a CPD accredited workshop titled Practical Ways To Develop Emotional Intelligence At Work And Tackle Stress”, something that all too many EventProfs suffer with, all to often.

The combined forces of fragmenting markets, rising customer expectations and generational shift are combining to add ever more pressure to our industry, and in the session we looked at how these factors can be tackled by working through the 5 key dimensions of emotional intelligence:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills

When addressing the first point of Self-Awareness, most people will focus on ‘How am I feeling today’. For me needs to be developed further – We are complicated beings that feel a hundred things at a time.

For example an upcoming event often makes me feel proud, nervous, motivated, excited and much more. A one word answer can’t capture the complexity of what I’m feeling.

To help them prepare for future situations, I asked the audience to rehearse using the following questions:

  • What feelings am I experiencing today?
  • What feelings do I have about this topic?
  • What feelings do I have about this person?

Diving into this level of detail helps to pin-point what is triggering the stress, and clear out the noise. Once that Self-Awareness is in place, Self-Regulation and the other elements are much more achievable.

We also took a look at the way the human mind can work in times of stress, by drawing on principles found in “The Chimp Paradox” by Professor Steve Peters.

It is a fascinating book and sets out how our fear that the worst case will happen, and will continue to happen again and again, are driven by our inner chimp – but that hard work and practice make it possible to tame the chimp.

With preparation, management, and vitally – but all too-often overlooked, review (did the worst actually happen??), it is possible to reprogram the mind to react to stress in a more positive manner when its encountered in the future.

It was a great session and the discussion moved quickly past any stigma, and on to how individuals and teams can work to tackle this in themselves, within their events and across their whole business.

If you would like a copy of the presentation, or to talk through how we could tackle stress in your business, please do get in touch via the contact form.


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